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Microfuge Mini

Mixer - Tube Roller

Vortex Variable Speed

Hotplate Digital

Dispenser Bottle Top

Stirrer Compact

Centrifuge Benchtop

Waterbath Mini

Balance Analytical

Balance Scout

PH Aquasearcher

Pipette Filler

15ml Conical Bottom Tube

50ml Conical Bottom Tube

Filter Tip 1000uL

Filter Tip 200uL

Filter Tip 100uL

Filter Tip 20uL

Filter Tip 10uL

Swabs Nasal Flocked

PCR Plate 96 Well

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Pacific Laboratory Products is a wholly owned Australian company which supplies a broad range of instrumentation and consumables to laboratories throughout Australia. Established in 2005, the company has grown to support a head office in Melbourne, with sales offices in states throughout Australia.

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