Freezer, DuoFreeze, Smart ULT Freezer -86ºc Upright, 714L, 5 Door, 230V


Freezer, DuoFreeze, Smart ULT Freezer -86ºc upright, 714L, 5 door, 230V.

Optional High-Stablity System: If one of UniFreez System fails while operating, the other UniFreez System still works will maintaining temperature.


  • Self diagnostic function.
  • Filter-free mechanism lowers heat generated by the compressor.
  • High-quality insulation panel and inner doors ensure defrosting around outer surface.
  • Automatic vacuum breaker, easy to re-open the door.
  • Robust door handle design.
  • External temperature sensor ready (hole).
  • Eco Mode function for low power consumption.

Enquire about DH.SWUF01700