Spectrophotometer S1200+, Visible, 325-1100nm

PART NUMBER: 80-3007-20

Spectrohphotometer WPA S1200+

Supplied with the a sample 8/pk of disposable cuvettes, dust cover, power supply, PVC Software.

This is an easy to use, low maintenance visible spectrophotometer. Which includes stored methods for Bradford, BCA, Biuret, and Lowry protein quantitation, in addition to absorbance, transmittance, OD600, and concentration modes.


  • Wavelength scanning and pre stored methods are just some of the great benefits of the WPA S1200+, which gives outstanding functionality from an instrument with a small footprint.
  • Wavelength Range: 325 - 1100 nm.
  • Monochromator: Flat grating.
  • Wavelength Calibration: Automatic upon switch on.
  • Spectral Bandwidth: <7 nm.

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