Centrifuge Benchtop Economy 240V


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The TD5 Low Speed Centrifuge is widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering, immunology, etc. It is likely to see it in hospitals, scientific research units, university laboratories or anywhere centrifugal separation is a common practice.

Included in the package deal you receive:

  • TD5, Centrifuge benchtop: $2000.00
  • TD5M-R3, Rotor Swing out: $760.00
  • TD5M-R3-A5, Adapter for U-Bucket 2 x 50ml: $120.00 for set of 4
  • TD5M-R3-A3, Adapter for U-Bucket 9 x 15ml: $120.00 for set of 4


  • Max. Speed: 5,000 r/min. Max. RCF: 5,030 xg. Max. Capacity: 500ml x 4.
  • Micro-processor controlled, variable-conversion motor delivers high speed accuracy, low noise and stable operation.
  • Intuitive touch control panel. Programmable operation can be set according to demands / stored automatically.
  • LED or LCD display, user-friendly interface for simple and convenient operation.
  • The real-time conversion of Speed and RCF is convenient for operation.
  • Self-locking, lid safety devices and over-speed safety protection devices as well as automatic alarm.
  • CE, GMP, US FDA Certified.

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